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The Menu

All the food – stuffs we use are chosen on the ground of strict quality criteria but not on the ground of the price principle ( as, unfortunately, it often happens). The result is the dishes of excellent quality : from genuine Spaghetti Carbonara to Lasagna, Risotto, Pizza cooked with a small quantity of yeast in a prolonged process of dough fermenting in accurate accordance with the Italian traditions.

Sausage stuffs are delivered directly from Italy, but if it`s impossible to do it for some reason, we offer handmade sausage stuffs created by Italian producers in Russia.

Bread is also baked from the best Italian flour at our kitchen as well as our desserts. All the dishes are cooked at the kitchen of our tavern on the arrival of our guests to make their tables smell sweet with freshness of the best dishes of Toscana and Italian cuisines.

The menu offered to you will vary with the change of seasons and the availability of fresh seasonal products at the market to have the freshest food – stuffs on the tables. Besides, our menu is added with the proposal of `the day dishes` (these are the dishes that can`t be prepared on the arrival of guests as it needs a longer cooking process). But, in any case, they will be cooked on the day of their offering. Simple aperitives such as Aperol – Spritz, a glass of Prosecco will be a surprise to you in the Tavern as we will always serve them with Italian delicatessen appetizers – canapé!

* We have some positions in our menu, which are marked with this icon, you can order it asking the waiter or order by phone:

8 (846) 207-71-29, and informing us, when you can pick them up.

Bon appétit!

128, Stepan Razin str., Samara

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